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Sizing McRae Military Boots

McRae Military Boots

McRae Military Boots

Based on our experience with McRae products, please consider the following as a guide to help you make a correct size selection:

· If you require the flexibility of both heavier weight socks and an aftermarket orthotic insole, then we recommend ordering your true size.

· If you only need the flexibility of either heavy socks or an aftermarket orthotic insole, we recommend subtracting a half size.

· If neither of the above are necessary, we recommend subtracting a full size from what you would wear in casual footwear.

Please note: Boots in the Freedom Collection and our Terassault T1 (styles 3424, 5724, 8158, and 8177) are manufactured utilizing different tooling than the standard mil-spec footwear. We recommend ordering these styles size-for-size with your casual or sport footwear.

We hope you find these recommendations helpful in making your McRae military boot purchases.

The McRae Team