Since 1967, McRae Footwear has manufactured military footwear for the United States Department of Defense. Our Mount Gilead, North Carolina-based company is a key supplier to the most advanced fighting force in the world. The United States military relies on McRae as a contractor because of our unprecedented craftsmanship & commitment to quality. Our top priority is to provide military personnel with a high performance, United States-made product. 


McRae Footwear is proud to offer individual customers the same level of performance, durability, and quality that our United States military requires. Unlike any other military boot company, McRae proudly manufactures all of its footwear 100% in the United States from domestically sourced materials out of our facility in Mount Gilead, North Carolina. 


For whatever your mission may be, please give McRae a try. Our premium, United States-made footwear is offered with a full one year manufacturer's warranty, not that you'll need it.


From all of us at McRae Footwear, thank you for your business.